My Brain, My Lobster

Dear Amy,

How can I say this so that you’ll understand?

I know you love a seafood feast. Allow me to inform you that I have become the lobster on your plate. But I was glowing orange once. Fiery bright and fresh. I’ve darkened and I’ve stilled here, not with a quiet contemplation but a lifeless presentation. Just lying there, you see, contributing nothing to the conversation. Preferred to be eaten with butter and wine for enhancement. Rather dull on my own. What is it I’ve done to merit such Just Deserts?

Dear Brain,

My old friend, I’m writing to say I’m sorry. I took you for granted, yes it’s true. I stopped taking you out to dinner. I hid you from political conversations and the latest book reviews. I tried to protect you from the doldrums, you see. It had never occurred to me that you might enjoy such things. I didn’t realize they helped you to adjust to a public setting. I thought you wanted to stay away. 

So you tell me now you feel isolated, you feel down. That you don’t get out much. That your isolation has led to deficiency. Pardon me, but I thought you had wanted a vacation. I didn’t realize you weren’t a fan of late-night television and all-you-can-eat buffets. You should have told me so.

You tried, you say? I don’t recall. I guess I underestimated you. I thought you had wanted a break. You had worked so hard, sort of, for a while. You were starting to show signs of wear. I didn’t stop to think that it wasn’t wear but maturity creeping up on you.

I suppose next time I’ll allow you the choice before I ground you to your room and condemn you to only cocktails and celebrity websites. (But let’s not lean too far the other way. Dullness won’t seem bright enough for you, it seems.)

I realize now the error of my ways. I hope it’s not too late, that you’ll come back to me. I’ve missed you so, I realize now.  Please come back to me.

2 Responses to “My Brain, My Lobster”
  1. Katie Repman says:

    love it! Can’t wait till you are here!

  2. jan markley says:

    Great Blog! I’m Katie’s Aunt. Check out my blog if you have a chance.

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