No Matter, Mr. Walrus. It’s Popeye’s Secret That Has Beseeched me

Mr. Walrus, won’t you stay awhile and talk of things with me? With all these questions that I have, perhaps your answers’ll grow me wings, you see. Like what of love and all its blooms, or the blues and lows and sighs it brings? Or how surely someday it’ll grab hold my heart,  will fly me away like a puppet on a string?

But couldn’t I just stay and play awhile? In these streets, where friends I find and time I’ve found? No, they don’t mind. They’ve told me so. I’ve nowhere else to be, and wouldn’t you know? There’s a fish in the sky and with my feet off the ground, I’m content down here, just as I am. No need for fuss nor muss, you see. If it’s a plan I must seek, I choose footloose and fancy-free.

If it’s for me you’re worried, well, don’t you be. I’m no Oyster, Mr. Walrus man, so I’ll be safe along the sea. Popeye knew the secret and I’ve borrowed it for me – I am what I am and I feel plenty brave. I’m just as happy as a clam (isn’t that what they say?).

Trite rings true, so I’ll ask, if I may – worry not about tomorrow, simply love me today. Yesterday I found you. Tomorrow I may go. But the next after that, around the corner and bends past, well, the best thing about memories is that they hold a friend fast.

Fear not what might happen or be troubled by what you can’t see. I can promise you, love, what will be, will be. And you’ll find yourself glad that it has become so, whatever it is, wherever you may go. Perhaps it will look different than what you first saw or what you once thought, but the best about fate is that it will bring you to gifts that you yourself might have not.

So be bold in your love and hurry never with fraught, for the life that you live is the only one you’ve got. Hold your head high, play your last hand. Don’t leave your cards on the table; take them off and away and who knows where you might land.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, wherever I’ve left you and whosoever you choose, the sands that fall between us or the night of the sky will bind us together come land or wind or tide. This world may be vast but its closeness is true. There’s no bridge too far that it will keep me from you.

I will go this way, you’ll turn towards that. But as so must the ocean, you, too, will churn, will wave, will wash away until those mountains fall flat. You’ll tread ever so steady and yes you may waver, but the views from the top and the scenes at the bottom will build you a landscape that will line your stories and keep your love great. Your love for this life, for yourself, for your love, and how it rolls with the hills that carry you along – it’s your love that I’ve loved, and that I’ll keep in my heart.

So dream what you will, and go where you must. A rainbow one day will float me to us. Alive you will be, and happy you’ll stay. Distance is just that. It’s a plane ride, a letter, a phone call away.


3 Responses to “No Matter, Mr. Walrus. It’s Popeye’s Secret That Has Beseeched me”
  1. This is your best post yet, Amy. It’s very inspiring. Keep up the great work. 🙂 🙂

  2. BabyApple* says:

    You have been seriously one of my greatest sources of motivation lately Amy.. You make the hope shine through your words. You’re like my own little personal advisor and coincidentally it’s as if this very post was meant for me. Thanks for sharing your talent!
    Love ya lady xx

    • Dear BabyApple*: That is so sweet – I love hope and I believe it is so important and necessary, so it makes me so happy to hear that it is shining through. (And perhaps the Universe did in fact mean for this post to be for you!) Thanks for reading and for your kind words pretty lady.
      Love ya back xoA

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