And the award for Employee of the Month goes to…

Words and phrases like surfactant and wellbore tubulars cause my eyes to glaze over. When exposed to them at a high enough frequency I start to foam at the mouth, and more often than once emergency crews have been dispatched to revive me at my place of work. It is costly to both my employer and my … Continue reading

My Brain, My Lobster

Dear Amy, How can I say this so that you’ll understand? I know you love a seafood feast. Allow me to inform you that I have become the lobster on your plate. But I was glowing orange once. Fiery bright and fresh. I’ve darkened and I’ve stilled here, not with a quiet contemplation but a … Continue reading

I Loved You Like a Hurricane. You Loved Me Like The Paperboy

I loved you like a hurricane. It faded into spring. You loved me like the paper boy. You’d come every morning, rain or shine, then away from my doorstep you’d ride. Most often you would leave behind only bad news bears and tales of destruction, and the skimpy help-wanted ads. But I could never get … Continue reading