No Need To Feel So Heavy, Bird.

Happily, loosely and daintily you go, Unsure but always so certain of yourself. Whimsy never minded you much – Away you’d skip, lightly and aglow. This grey sky never weighed you down. You’d always turn to me and say No need to feel so heavy, bird. No need to wear such a frown. Advertisements

The Secret (A Working Title)

Have you ever imagined your perfect job? Envisioned your calling, had your destiny revealed, discovered your purpose in life? If so, you’ll understand me when I say that this moment of absolute certainty is one like no other. That it causes the hairs on the back of your neck to stand and it brings to … Continue reading

I Loved You Like a Hurricane. You Loved Me Like The Paperboy

I loved you like a hurricane. It faded into spring. You loved me like the paper boy. You’d come every morning, rain or shine, then away from my doorstep you’d ride. Most often you would leave behind only bad news bears and tales of destruction, and the skimpy help-wanted ads. But I could never get … Continue reading

My Cure for Heartache Is Just Down Candy Cane Lane

Time has a way of making fools out of us all, doesn’t it? There was a time when I felt with absolute certainty that the man I was with was the man I was meant to marry. And, despite that nagging voice in my head reminding me that I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to … Continue reading